Friday, July 20, 2012

l o v e. i n . a . b l a n k e t

And one year after marriage...
introducing our baby, Hannah Az Zahra to the world :) 

vote - should I or should I not tell you the experience of giving birth ?

she sure look much like her dad

(*_*) much sleep?

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

r e c e p t i o n 0 1

this is pretty much of how Malay Wedding reception looks like. feel free to click on the photo for better viewing

 lama sudah tidak menghapdet blog.
busynya . adoi doi doi. sementelah universitas sedang bercuti, dan tiada student datang menganggu lecturer kesayangan dorang ni (sayang lah), dan internet yang sedang laju, mari letak pic reception 01., di Putrajaya. yang berlangsung pada 01.05.2011, hari sama dgn nikah (penat tahu kami)
reception 02 di Kuala Kangsar(majlis outdoor <3) hapdet kemudian la yeh

its the day.

Crystal gift for VIP guess 
Vantage gift for grooms family and the standard table setting


hair do

getting ready

he s getting ready as well. 

final touch up

family members waiting downstairs

so does the Kompang boys.

so, here we are. walking down towards our "pelamin"

walking anxiously but excited at the red carpet, towards our "pelamin", with the sounds of "Kompang"

there u are. we finally get to sit at our "Pelamin" after 10 minutes of walking at the bright, fabulous red carpet. tehee , and we've been welcomed with Zapin Dance right after that.

then, recite 'doa'(prayer) to " bless" the wedding

then,  "merenjis session" from both my family and his family members to us.

then, we walked to our table to have our Wedding Dinner or "Makan Beradap", (time- so does the guest)

and the cute  Zapin Boys and Girls entertained us with their Zapin dance

Then, the ''cake-cutting' session. heee

arrrrrppp cake into his mouth 

then, the photo session before everyone goes home  :)

*(-_-)** - it was so tiring! tetapi suka. malu- malu semasa bergambar. kalau sekarang disuruh bergambar tida malu lagi. :)

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

funny.story. about. a .girl. named .dumb.

a story from a friend of mine -
its funny when you dream about someone and turn out to be true. do you believe in that? i mean for real .oh, come on!  sometimes, yeah it happens. but if it constantly happen, that is totally bullshit. that is what u call stalking about that person, not dreaming . lol! please stop the drama,(that u been given 'gift by god??' by getting dream about the same person (i mean ,all the time??) oh please, i dont buy that,woman!, i do believe in miracle , but i just dont trust you, because you are stalker.) and get a life. seriously girl. make yourself busy! find a job that will make you feel occupied all the time. not by intruding some one elses life by being a busy body.

t(#_#)t - annoyed!