Tuesday, October 25, 2011

funny.story. about. a .girl. named .dumb.

a story from a friend of mine -
its funny when you dream about someone and turn out to be true. do you believe in that? i mean for real .oh, come on!  sometimes, yeah it happens. but if it constantly happen, that is totally bullshit. that is what u call stalking about that person, not dreaming . lol! please stop the drama,(that u been given 'gift by god??' by getting dream about the same person (i mean ,all the time??) oh please, i dont buy that,woman!, i do believe in miracle , but i just dont trust you, because you are stalker.) and get a life. seriously girl. make yourself busy! find a job that will make you feel occupied all the time. not by intruding some one elses life by being a busy body.

t(#_#)t - annoyed!

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  1. haha. takde life kot budak tu, ingat kan dah habis. tak habis2 lagi.dia stalk sedara mara kot