Wednesday, June 29, 2011

s w e e t . t r e a t

my very first attempt of makin red velvet cake. frosting/icing whatever they call it , terlebih cair pula..
The instructions are as follows:  BIG apologies  for the quality of the photos as I only use my digital camera to snap the pix. ; I accidentally broke my DSLr lens :( 
(yaAllah pleasegrantmywish to be rich soIcanbuyabrandnewdslr??

The Cake 
1.  Preheat  ur oven to 180 degree Celcius ,
Then u need two (2) round baking pan, sprayed with non stick vege spray / or u can just put oil/butter

2) we need mixer, a large bowl  for ingredients as picture below( you will know whats the ingredient as I explain the process of making ths red velvet )

3 ) place 250g sifted (ayak) cake flour in a bowl, add half a tea spoon of salt.then ,add 2 table spoon of unsweetened cocoa powder (sifted) , 

4) whisk them(cake flour,salt and cocoa powder) together like the photo below(thts my husband hand, not me as idonthavefatfingers haha)

5) And then, you need 240ml of butter milk (to make it moist) , 
then add 2-3 tablespoon of liquid red food coloring.Whisk them together

6) it will look like this  :)

7) OK, put 113g of unsalted butter (or u can use salted butter , its your choice k?) in a bowl of your stand mixer /hand mixer .Beat it until creamy.  Then, add 300g of granulated white sugar ; beat until it smooth N creamy :)

8) Add 1 teaspoon of pure/artifical Vanilla extract ; then add 2 eggs, one at a time ok?? -Beat the first one in, then put another egg  and beat it again.

 9) then, add the powder mixture (cake powder+salt and cocoa powder tadi) 
and the butter milk mixture alternately, sampai habis! :)

10) transfer the BRIGHT RED mixture into a LARGE bowl and  mix one teaspoon of baking soda and  one teaspoon of vinegar in a small bowl and quickly add it into the BRIGHT RED mixture.and mix them together. Then ,divide as best as u can between the two round baking pan.
Next, put them into the oven !!!  180degree. for 25-30mins

11) Once done , let ur red velvet cake cool to room temperature
Wrap them in plastic wrap; and put them in the fridge 
for couple of hours (supaya ia firm! ) or even days!

alamik encik suami ajak keluar pulak ok, keluar kejap!ok, off to ikea. 
orang tak sempat siap pakai tudung lagi dia dah snap, 
nasib sempat pose.dgn keadaan mata lebam ngantuk hihi

OKAY, 2nd round!
12) Use large knife to cut each cake into layers

For Cheese frosting
13)  Use creme cheese and mascarpone cheese 
(u can use regular creme cheese if u can't find mascarpone cheese, lagipon, 
mascarpone mahal , around rm 20++, so guna creme cheese sahaja , ok?)

14) Put 200g of creme cheese and another 200g of mascarpone cheese , 
or   like I said,you can just use creme cheese   into the mixer . Beat them!

15) Add one teaspoon of vanilla extract and  300g of sifted (ayak) icing sugar BUT i only use 200g of icing sugar as im NOT a big fan of sweetbits. beat them at low speed!

16) Then add 150ml of heavy whipping creme(cold) ; and beat it again , just for a while.

17)Then start to place ur cheese frosting to the layer of your cake and
wallah.  sorry, tak handsome! not as good as it supposed to be
as my cheese frosting melt for some reason. hmmph. if u knw the reason, please please please let me know. 

but, i can say,,, it tastes YUMMY, my husband, parents and lil brothers love it !

would appreciate if YOU can drop a few letto so I can improve my cookin

d(>w<)b - -> thumbs up! succes succes for me!thankyou come again.


  1. wei bila nak buat open house...

    btw, jemput masuk baca latest posting aku...

  2. open house nati , 'house' tgh dlm progress, . nati aku bg flight ticket skalik. (kalau aku kaya)